The Fit Cycle.

  • Visual Identity & Design
  • Strategy & Positioning

From the team behind Joe Wicks, The Body Coach comes The Fit Cycle.

We’re all familiar with the concept of The Body Coach. A tailored personal training plan coupled with specific nutritional advice to allow people to achieve their personal body transformation goals has been reinvented for anyone who enjoys getting out (or staying in) on their bike into The Fit Cycle.

The Fit Cycle founder, Nasima has been a driving force within the cycling world for many years, and is already one half of the ever successful WyndyMilla. The Fit Cycle launches in 2017 and is already attracting a lot of attention from the cycling community, fitness fans and those looking for something more than your average HIIT session.


The Fit Cycle hoodie design

The Fit Cycle water bottle design

The Fit Cycle branding design

The Fit Cycle business card design

The Fit Cycle t-shirt and label design

The Fit Cycle website design and build