We Are Flourish

Allica Bank

Allica Bank, originally called Civilised Bank, focus purely on providing banking services to SMEs. They are a new bank focusing on the values of being Truly Dependable, Expertly Attentive and Determined to Succeed.

As an entirely new bank, Civilised Bank wanted to create a dynamic and highly differentiated brand. They asked us to support them with brand naming, brand positioning and brand strategy through to designing their new brand identity and initial online platform ready for launch.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Using the fresh approach that inspired the idea of this new banking venture, we developed the name Allica as a combination of the words for alloy and silica. These combine to create something far greater than the sum of the individual parts – Metal Glass – just like their customers’ businesses would. Using this bold idea as a start point, we created visuals, tone and a launch strategy that would support this differentiated banking business.


The bright colours, simple but authoritative copy and intriguing name work together to position Allica Bank as a bright new voice in the world of business banking.