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Auto Cave

Autocave solves a problem known by many high net worth individuals. Where should they keep their collection of prestige cars? Many collectors reluctantly store their beloved motors at an external location. Autocave gives them instant access in the most discreet and secure way possible by creating a bespoke subterranean garage underneath their home.

Autocave is an entirely new concept. They needed a brand and website that would reflect this and we were briefed to create a design-led, distinctive and progressive website.

A Journey of Intrigue

We built an entirely bespoke website that focused on whetting their target market’s appetite to learn more. With premium photography, slick animations and minimal, simple copy and typography the website talks volumes.

The final website leads the customer through the different aspects of an Autocave installation, taking them on a journey of intrigue and tempting potential customers to register their interest and join the exclusive group of Autocave owners.