We Are Flourish


Rize are a company that offers group exercise classes at high street locations in London. Easy to get to and with most of their clients living or working within a mile of their studios, they’re at the heart of their local neighbourhoods.

The Rize Challenge

Rize had recently renamed from “Movers & Shapers”. The team had done a lot of work to understand what made them unique and interesting, resulting in a new name – Rize – and a new strapline – “Fit Together”. They wanted their branding and website to reflect this new direction.


Energetic & Inclusive

The new branding represented the Rize ethos of a feelgood, inclusive, accessible exercise location with a friendly atmosphere. We used soft colours, vibrant typography and aspirational, inclusive photography to create a website with an inviting presence.

Rize now have a brand and website that appeals to everyone, that’s aspirational yet approachable.