We Are Flourish


Puresso is small Kuwaiti chain of cafés selling carefully selected, high quality coffee from around the world. The Kuwaiti market is comparatively under-developed, and a strong brand presence isn’t considered necessary by many coffee shop owners. Those that have invested in branding are somewhat “safe” and undifferentiated from one another.

Puresso saw an opportunity to completely differentiate their offering. They wanted to strongly appeal to young consumers and make their coffee shops “the place to go”. To do this they needed establish a strong brand identity; as an artisan coffee chain with interesting and creative venues. Places that young consumers would genuinely want to spend time in.

The Flourish team built a new brand identity with a youthful logo and visual identity; miles apart from the traditional coffee shop feeling. We applied this across the full range of Puresso materials with bold photography, stand-out cup and mug designs, bold window displays and posters to draw customers in, and a staff uniform that reinforced the brand’s expertise with a hip and aspirational positioning and made staff feel good about working at Puresso.

The resulting brand cool, energetic and aspirational; loved by their target of young, style-conscious adults.