We Are Flourish


Oval Business Solutions build tailored digital tools for their customers. So instead of relying on off-the-peg SaaS tools and outdated programmes, their customers get digital tools that suit their business needs exactly.

The Oval Challenge

Although the work Oval Business Solutions deliver is innovative and truly leading-edge, their branding and website looked just like every other tech B2B on the market. They wanted to express their differentiation and make some noise – so they would stand out to potential customers and be remembered.

Bold & Brave

Instead of the dark greys, blues and blacks so common in tech websites, we explored brighter, bolder colour combinations that would immediately express the vibrancy of Oval’s work and attitude. This colour palette translated to a highly differentiated website with an interesting page and menu design. We decided against using images, and let the colour palette, typography and copy do the talking,

The finished website sets Oval Business Solutions apart and demonstrates the confidence they have in their service.