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One Plan

OnePlan is an event planning platform that brings together event planners and event suppliers.

Developed with some of the world’s leading event and crowd safety events, it helps anyone plan safer outdoor events more effectively. It’s the only platform to combine mapping and visual planning tools and provides planners with event shopping lists to help them and their clients budget and purchase items for a safe and successful event.


OnePlan approached us in the early stages of their start-up adventure. They had decided upon the business name, but nothing else. They briefed us on creating branding and a website that reflected the unique nature of OnePlan’s service. It needed to have a universal appeal and would encourage visitors to sign up to OnePlan. OnePlan wanted the website to work for event planners and event suppliers.

We focused on creating branding that would be clear, simple and accessible – like the OnePlan service. A simple icon and clean typeface reinforced the positioning of OnePlan; simple and intuitive. A palette of greys, orange and white helped create a vibrant and contemporary feel to the website and branding.

The completed website places a strong focus on the way in which OnePlan can make an event planner’s job easier. Clear demo videos and straightforward copy are supported with clear and frequent CTAs directing the visitor to sign up with a 30-day trial for the unsure. Event suppliers are catered for as well with clear signposting to a supplier-only section of the website.