Halsey Keetch.

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Halsey Consulting was first established in 1887. Based in the financial heart of the City they provide world-class executive search and advisory services to the financial services industry.

In 2015, following management changes, Halsey Consulting became Helsey Keetch. With this change, came the need to deliver a new brand image.

In such a competitive market it was vital that we captured the heritage of the brand as this is what made them stand out from many of their competitors and appealing to many of their long-standing clients.

Our strong planning capabilities aligned with design skills delivered a new brand identity that re-launched the brand and captured their new brand ethos.


Halsey Keetch book design

Halsey Keetch stationery design

Halsey Keetch business card design

Halsey Keetch brochure design

Halsey Keetch responsive web design

With a new brand identity came the need to ensure that the end user experienced the same brand when they visited their site- for many of their clients this was the first interaction they had with the brand so it was crucial that it made an impression.

The subsequent launch of the new website ensured a seamless experience with the brand from start to finish and defined them from the competition as a true class act and market leader.

Halsey Keetch web deisgn and build