We Are Flourish


Firmitas are a leading building contractor who deliver residential and commercial projects with a turnkey service that includes planning, design and construction.

Firmitas were ready to step their business up to the next level. They wanted to take on more, bigger projects. They needed a new website which would articulate their brand and show off their work to attract new clients and bigger projects.

We built on the already strong Firmitas branding using metallic greys, white and high-quality photography to create a clear, no-nonsense website with strong sense of poise. The photography captured the quality and skill that underlines all Firmitas work. It also shares images of the full team, showing the scale of the business and reassuring potential customers that Firmitas would be able to deal with larger projects.

Firmitas now have a website that will work well for them over the coming years. Its flexible format allows them to easily add new work and projects over time