We Are Flourish

Chip Station

Chip station is an independent outlet which sells Chips. Hand cut Belgian chips to be specific, made with carefully selected potatoes and sauces and specialist cooking practices from the Netherlands. Not only that, but customers have a choice of an incredible 30 sauces to smother their chips in; or to delicately dip their chips into. Operating on the crowded high street, they needed a strong and engaging identity that would stand out and draw customers in.

The Chip Station Challenge

Put simply, The Chip Station owners wanted queues so long, they spilled out of the door and onto the street. The chips were good, no question – the challenge was to communicate the brand and product in such a way that meant people couldn’t resist trying them.

Knowing the potential for success with The Chip Station, the owners were ready to expand with a food truck dishing up Belgian chips and sauces to the best food and music festivals across the length and breadth of the UK.

Irresistible Branding

Flourish worked with Chip Station to create a brand identity that could be used on the high street and in the future as a mobile food truck. We created the uniform designs, menus and food packaging and created concepts for the food truck.

The finalised identity is fun and incredibly distinctive – customers can’t resist treating themselves to a cone of chips.