We Are Flourish

Chatter Box

Chatterbox creates engaging training products that empowers businesses to deliver short interactive training sessions to their teams, packaged up in a neat little box. Although Chatterbox is targeted at FTSE100 companies, it is also suitable for SMEs and can be used for any team of more than 6 people.

Chatterbox wanted a professional brand that felt playful enough to make them distinctive and engaging. The brand and packaging needed to embody their brand values and capture their unique approach to training.

The Flourish team started by creating a visual identity that captured the relaxed and informal Chatterbox training method. The star of the brand is the logo; the approachable handwritten style was kept professional with the “development” part of the name designed in a formal typeface. Contemporary colours and “rough and ready” illustrations reinforce the approachable style of the brand. The copy was written in a matter-of-fact tone of voice to ensure the branding remained in line with the expert positioning.


We kept the packaging design simple. Using bright colours, the brand logo and clearly written instructions meant businesses would feel the Chatterbox experience from the moment they received their box.