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Cater 2 Me

Cater2.me is a San Francisco based catering service operating across the US.

Instead of the same old boring catered lunch or inefficient individual food deliveries, employees can now eat excellent quality food from local, independent restaurants and eateries. Businesses get better-fed, more productive employees. Employees get healthier and more exciting food choices. Local, independent businesses get extra business.

Cater2.me already had an established brand but wanted help to develop their brand identity and proposition. They also wanted help in designing a new website.

We worked with the Cater2.me team by refining their brand story and highlighting what made them different from other caterers. We helped them establish the priority benefits for their clients – excellent food that brings people together at an acceptable price – and put this at the centre of their business.

After refining their branding, we designed a new website layout. The clear, fresh design was designed to be tempting – both in terms of the meal options on offer and the benefits to employers, employees and suppliers. The resulting design is differentiates Cater2.me and encourages new suppliers and consumers to sign up.