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Bodytrak® is unique. It exploits the only body site from which all vital signs can be measured. From one small non-invasive, in-ear device, metrics including core body temperature, heart rate, VOand motion (speed, distance, cadence) are sent wirelessly to the user in real-time via a smart phone, smart watch or internet hub.

Bodytrak® has been gold-standard tested by leading universities. When they came to us the product was still in R&D phase but with considerable investment behind them and a vision we worked closely with them to define a brand proposition and identity that brought the brand to fruition. 

Working with such a unique product, we set about ensuring that the identity of the brand embodied this. The brand 'mark' needed to work across product packaging and website but most importantly on the devise itself.

Bodytrak packaging design

Bodytrak branding design

Bodytrak device

Bodytrak responsive website design and build

Once complete, we began work on the website. At the forefront of the brief was the need to appeal to a wide range of people - from B2B and organisations through to serious athletes.

We delivered a creative and highly engaging website that has put Bodytrak® in a strong position to go forward.

Bodytrak website development