We Are Flourish


Bodytrak is unique. It exploits the only body site from which all vital signs can be measured. From one small, non-invasive, in-ear device, it continuously monitors key vital sign parameters and sends them to a powerful cloud-based analytics platform in real-time. This information is used to improve performance and prevent illness – helping automate health and safety, and performance monitoring. It is used in high-performance, high-stress sectors such as defence and emergency services, in healthcare and in high-performance sports.

Bodytrak wanted a brand and a branding icon that would be instantly recognisable. Not only that, but the icon needed to work on the website, on marketing collateral and on the ear device itself.

What the client had to say

Leon Marsh
Founder & CEO
We’ve used Flourish a number of times for our brand identity, website and graphic design assets. The team have always provided a professional service with excellent results, and will continue to be a valuable supplier to Bodytrak in the future.

Compact & Distinctive

The Flourish team created an icon that represented an ear whilst working as the ‘B’ of the Bodytrak name. This created a logo and brand name that were intrinsically connected and rooted the logo in the uniqueness of the data collection. We built up the website with visceral and dynamic images of the Bodytrak device in use – positioning it away from generic health-tracking apps and instead placing it as a serious and meaningful performance and health and safety tool.