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Blends, is an exciting new chain of juice bars. Set in the heart of Dubai - they wanted to take the Middle East by storm with their 100% fresh juices.

Tasked with creating a brand that appealed to both locals and the large tourist market in Dubai we needed to establish a look and feel that created a strong point of difference in a highly competitive market place.

We quickly identified that Blends niche was that it was the the only juice bar in Dubai that was using 100% fresh ingredients, rather than synthetic syrups or frozen fruit.

We used this niche to create a strong but fun brand image that made consumers aware of the authenticity of the brand. From launching new brand packaging to staff uniforms we made sure they launched into the market with a brand image that set them apart from the crowd.

Blends red cup design

Blends blue cup design

Blends stationary design

Blends stationary close up

Blends packaging design