The Interview

Doing things the right whey with Adam

We find out Adam from Whey'd will do anything to get his product to market - even pose nude!

In a Coffee shop opposite Holland Park, we met Adam from Whey’d. We sat opposite the door quietly hoping that David Beckham would walk in at any minute seeing as we were only moments from his London home.

On the table were some samples of Adam’s product. It was the first time we had seen them and the feeling of seeing your work in the flesh never gets old. “These are just prototypes, we are currently on Kickstarter trying to raise the funding needed to get these in to full scale production.” Adam tells us.

Whey’d are a start up in the sports supplement sector. They have come up with a convenient sized pouch of single serve whey protein. Not only that, you can travel with the product too, taking it on board flights, either in your hand luggage or in the hold. “The aim is to have the product approved by airport security so that as soon as they see it, they know that it is an approved product.”

“The honesty has been amazing! I have exactly what I wanted.”


How did you come up with the idea for Whey’d?

“I go to the gym at lunch and trying to take protein on the go is really hard. I started hoarding sample sachets but they weren’t easy to use and it was really difficult to get hold of what I needed, so I had to come up with something myself.

We have made the sachets as small as we can, you can’t really get them any smaller due to the amount of powder in the pouch.

I have spent so much time researching the product and sourcing the right ingredients. Our whey comes from Ireland, and they produce the best milk in the world as their cows are hormone free, grass fed and are outside for as much of the year as possible. They really only go into the barns for the really bleak winter months when its just too cold and too wet for them outside. This means our whey is higher in protein content, lower in hormones and higher in fatty acids than most others on the market. Other brands use whey from cows in Holland who are in barns most of the year. To give you an idea of the quality and price difference we are paying upwards of 10x the amount for our protein than others on the market because I didn’t want to put out a product that was cheap and the quality was shit.

I visited about 4 manufacturers and tried to work out who could do the best job for us. We ended up having tours of the factories, we had to put on the white coats and wellies and hairs nets – it was amazing what these guys do.”

With the business being so early stage, what are your aspirations?

“We’ve got a few days left on Kickstarter – it’s a bit 50/50 at the moment as to whether we’ll reach our funding target or not, but that isn’t going to stop us moving forwards.

We’ve also been trying to get a bit of PR recently that we’re hoping gets picked up. We’ve been going around London to the sights and taking pictures with no clothes on [he’s not kidding – check it out on Whey’d’s Instagram account]. We got a picture outside Buckingham Palace with just the sachet in hand, nothing else – it was a bit daunting. We also managed to do Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and The Shard. The idea behind it was that our product is so easy to use you don’t need to take anything else. It’s just a bit of light hearted stuff, which is what we’re about really.

We’ve got a lot of meetings with gyms at the moment doing a lot of tasting and handing out samples, the feedback has been really positive. The one bit of feedback was that we could look to add a vanilla flavour so I think this is something that we will probably add soon.

We’ve been speaking to a lot of fitness studios rather than the big chains and we are getting some really good cut through. It’s just the lead-time that is the issue right now whilst we are waiting for an order to come in.

I have been speaking with a nutritionist recently who used to work with Tottenham Hotspur. He is working with me now and is helping sell it into his clients. He loves it, he travels a lot and he loves the ease of use that you can simply throw them in your bag and go.

We are just going through the process of being approved for Informed Sport. Right now professional athletes and sports stars cant take anything that isn’t approved by in form sport otherwise they could be facing a ban of up to 2 years.

The source we use in Ireland is already approved, but they need to approve the final product not just the ingredients.

We would love to have a cookbook or recipe book in the future that shows people how to use the supplement in the cooking so that they do not have to take shakes all the time.

We would also love to make our packaging fully recyclable but we need to be able to up our economies of scale - that will come in time.

We’d love to have our products in vending machines at gyms to compete with the ready-made drinks that are currently available.

People are looking for convenience; think about Deliveroo and Uber eats, these are used by time poor people who want to get something quickly and easily. There’s a brand too, called Fresh Fitness Foods who create customised meals delivered to your home or office and we’re in talks with them about how we could work together.

We’re also working with a charity called One Feeds Two, so every three sachets we sell we give a child in poverty a school meal, we’d like to make it every sachet sold, but again this will come in time.

We ideally want to create a subscription service that is really efficient for our customers so that they can get Whey’d delivered to wherever they want be that work, home, or wherever they are travelling. ”

How did you hear about Flourish and how has it been working with us?

“I met with Pippa from Pip and Nut about 8 months ago and she was telling me that she went down the branding route before she went live which is what prompted me to find you guys – so you’ve got her to thank for that.

We spoke for a long time before we even stared work. We bounced ideas around before settling on a final name and direction for the brand. Other agencies I was speaking to would just say ‘yes’ to anything I said, but you guys challenged and questioned me and made me think a bit deeper about my ideas. I really liked that as I think we have a much better product because of it. It wasn’t always easy to hear but I think you need to work with people strong enough to say ‘no’ to a client.

The honesty has been amazing! I have exactly what I wanted, although I didn’t know what I wanted it to look like visually. It was a really nice collaborative process, coming up with a name, then working together on the brand look and feel and we need to complete our packaging work together. You guys really took the lead with that and then took my feedback and implemented it into the final artwork.”

“I got to number 2 on Amazon’s best sellers list.”

Number 2 on Amazon is amazing, tell us more about your book?

“I had frustrations about what was in the market and the advice was wrong so I wrote a book on the 5 keys points of whey. Ultimately all the different types of whey that are marketed are all the same, female whey, lean whey etc. all use exactly the same product, they’re are all just milk – dried whey protein.

I got to number 2 on Amazon’s best sellers list in Nutrition. That was never about money it was about educating people as we gave it away free for a time.”

If you are interested in supporting Whey’d and Adam achieve their target, their Kickstarter page is only open for a few more days – you can visit it here.