Ishara Organic.

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Ishara Organic is a rapidly growing organic food brand, importing high quality raw organic products from Asia.

The company was founded by Amu Chandra, an entrepreneur with a passion for healthy living. During his twenties, Amu frequently visited his families ancestral home of Sri Lanka and it was during this time that he discovered the wonders of natural, organic eating and the many resources that were surrounding him. One which stood out for him was the range and diversity of uses of coconut- with coconut oil being used as a natural healer and widely used in cooking, for skin rejuvenation and hair health.

It was here that Ishara was born and our journey with them began. Working closely with them we created the Ishara Organic brand as it stands today. Ishara Organic has built a reputation in the health and wellbeing community, the vegan community and the organic community for exceptional products. Frequently featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, BBC Good Food and most recently expanding into Fortnum & Mason stores around the UK.


Ishara Organic coconut cream can design

Ishara Organic coconut oil jar design

Ishara Organic label, letter head and business cards

Ishara Organic logo design