Create Pilates.

  • Visual Identity & Design
  • Website Design & Build

Over the past five years the Pilates and Yoga industry has seen rapid growth, thanks to the rise of the health-conscious individual.

When Create Pilates came to us they were at the forefront of this rise and saw a gap in the market in upmarket Wimbledon.

We worked closely with them- delving deep into the health and lifestyle focused market, gaining a true insight into what the market needed and how Create Pilates could deliver against that need.

The result was developing the ‘Create’ brand identity and subsequently designing and building a stunning website that allowed people to engage with the brand, find out more about the classes available and sign up for updates.

Since launch, Create Pilates has become one of the leading Pilates, Yoga and Barre studios in the South West.


Create Pilates business card design

Create Pilates letterhead design

Create Pilates clothing and label design

Create Pilates membership card design

Create Pilates website design and build